Business Development

Develop your business in a focused and effective way with this goal guidance process

  • Consistently follow the 3 steps: 1. Fill out the Playbook, 2. Set a goal, 3. Define steps to goal.
  • Start with the Business Playbook and enter a short title for your new project.
  • Summarize your project idea below. This, as well as all spoke settings for the project, are automatically transferred to this overview page.
  • Afterwards, define your goal and your steps to reach it. Especially when working on the project for the first time, use the exercises behind the “?” (please turn your smartphone to horizontal).
  • You can then easily edit or check off your goal and your steps to the goal, or add new steps individually.
  • You can also switch to a new / different project at any time and edit it by going to the Business Playbook exercise and clicking on the desired project there. The project description, results, goal definition and steps to the goal will then change accordingly.
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Business Sensors

Specialized sensors to flesh out and analyze issues in your business or team.